If you want to make a change in your life (and we have to)

Where are we going with this pandemic?  What are the side effects and unseen damage that is taking place aside from the disease or IF it's a disease?

I'm not going to get into politics because Dave Tate doesn't pay for my political position, nor do you come to this web site for some cranky old fuck's opinion on that subject.

But what I do know is hitting pretty close to home.

My son, Hunter has travelled to Michigan to play AAA hockey with a team that has been holding "practice" with the hopes that the coach sees something he likes and invites him to play with his team.

It would be nice, since his Grandparent's live there and we wouldn't really be "billeting" him out to an unknown family, Hunter could play competitive hockey at the highest level, and learn a shit ton from the coaching staff there.

The coach said that Hunter certainly "holds his own", and can skate really well.  His hard nose attitude makes up for his short stature.  But (and here it comes)  THE SEASON is uncertain!  WHAT?  yea...The kid has skills, and can move, but the issue isn't IF he can make the team with his quality of play, it's IF they are going to have a season at all???

Of course every kid thinks that it's all on him.  That if he were "BETTER" he would get an offer.  I have explained that it's not him, it's not the coach, it isn't anything BUT...the uncertainty of the politicians, physicians and the people in charge of the states, (Plural because it's the same situation here in California), the county, the city, the leagues, and the rinks.  There simply ISN'T any thing happening.

What does that mean on a broader sense.  I have kids that were sent home from college extending their summer "off seasons" with me in my gym.  Yes!  My gym is open but with many restrictions.  Some aren't sure if they are going back to school, for what?  To sit in an apartment and take "on line" classes?  That's stupid!  Forget that the prep work they are doing now for any upcoming sports.  We are in a constant "holding pattern".  I don't know when to begin a taper to their programs because here again, is there even going to be an up coming season?

A step further, some of my kids have graduated and are getting ready  to go out into the world and conquer that shit.

I literally have three people that I am certain have the ability to become "GAME CHANGERS" and make a difference in Industry, Science, Law.  But...their hands are tied.  They too are in a holding pattern and to make it worse, these youngsters have gone away to college, stretched their wings to fly and have a taste for it only to find themselves back in their old bedrooms, the ones they had growing up, being told to "Stay Home" with their parents.  Fuck...you know how hard that was to do on holiday or vacation?  Now it is the norm with no end in site.

I am of the age that has seen the Cold War.  We had a visible and distinctive enemy.  I have lived in the era of Civil Rights, when Black people were bused to schools.  I lived in a time that saw Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, all war zones.  I have lived during a time of Big Mob controlled cities and economy, but THIS has to be the worse period of uncertainty that I can ever recall.

I'm not sure of the answer, (well..I am, but I'm better off not announcing it until I become the Emperor of the World) but I am certain at the current pace, it will get worse than what we are witnessing already.

A lot less talk and a whole lot more action!!!???!!!



Today's Training:

AirDyne: 21 minutes

Dynamic Squat: 10x2x55%

GHR: 3x10x10 lb plate held on the chest

Ab Wheel: 3x18

24" Box Jump: 10x1

Kneeling Starts: 5x5 steps each leg  (Total of 10x5)

Bike Commute: 18 minutes

Sprints: 10x50 yards

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