Today we added a new guy to our group.  It's like this, I am very selective with whom I train.

I met this fellow the day before and after some small talk I realized he would be a good addition.  Not that he could out lift anyone.  Not that he had any knowledge what so ever about lifting or strength and conditioning, but because he could handle my sarcasm without taking offense.

Visitors from other gyms who come into one of my sessions always say the same thing, "You have a real nice community here.  Everyone seems to push it while having fun."

Well....DUHHHHH!  Yea!

Why the heck would I say yes to a person who is going to be a poop?  No reason to allow crabby negative stink'n think'n folks into an upbeat fun bunch.

Negativism is a form of Cancer.  I HATE Cancer!  It needs to be eradicated and the best way to do that is keep people UPBEAT and around OTHER upbeat folk.

Although I didn't let the new guy jump up in weight (even to his chagrin) We allowed him to banter and work the monolif and change weights.

He gave back as much as he took!  THAT people is having FUN!

Mind you this...I'm in California, the land of the offended.  I have a small cell of people that actually AREN'T!  EVER!  These are the people I call FRIENDS!



Today's Training:

Dynamic Box Squat: 10x2@60%

Rep Squat: 5x10@195 and 130

Dead Lift: 10x1@60%

Reverse Hyper: 4x10