In today’s log I have two awesome video clips to improve your Circus Dumbbell technique for Strongman. The Circus Dumbbell has quickly become a standard event in Strongman competition over the last few years and for good reason. It’s big, awkward and hard to press!

The clips I have for you today are from the Win the Press, Win the Show seminar taught at TPS by 2021 Under 105kg World’s Strongest Man and TeamTPS member, Nick Cambi.

Nick knows a thing or two about the Overhead Press! He holds the all time World Record in the Axle at 417 pounds, an Under105kg record in the Circus Dumbbell at 285 pounds as well as many others.

If you are not familiar with Nick and his mindboggling achievements in the strength world, Google him.

A few months ago we invited Nick to teach his first Win the Press, Win the Show seminar at TPS and it was simply amazing. Today I am going to share two clips on the Circus Dumbbell from it.

The first video on how to Improve Your Circus Dumbbell Technique is the Pitch and Catch Drill.

This drill helps you get your body primed to drop under the weight. Getting under a weight as you press is critical to moving a big weight overhead.

Watch it below.

The second video on how to Improve Your Circus Dumbbell Technique is on the event itself.

Nick gives some great tips on locking it out.

Watch it below.

Add these two nuggets of gold into your Strongman training and Improve Your Circus Dumbbell Technique FAST!

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C.J. Murphy

January 5, 2023

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