Introducing Myoplasmic & Squatting 405x100

If you've been following my coaching log, you know I'm going all-in for 2020 by working with Justin Harris to grow to 260+ pounds of pure muscle and compete at the 115-kilo class at Big Dogs 5 in Australia this coming Halloween.

Well, all-in means more than just strength and size: it means leading by example, too, and that's what Justin and I are striving to do with our biggest project ever.

Introducing Myoplasmic

Now, one of the biggest shortcomings of powerbuilders that Justin and I see involves something simple: working hard. That's where our Challenge Workouts come in. These aren't necessarily designed to make you bigger or stronger by themselves. Instead, they're designed to teach you to work hard, which will make more difference in your long-term progress than anything else.

We're sharing the first Challenge Workout for free, so check it out in the video below, and be sure to hit up the Myoplasmic site for additional details!

DEATHWISH Challenge Workout: 100-Rep Squats

  1. (Warmup) 5 minutes stationary cycling
  2. (Warmup) 5 minutes dynamic stretching for hips, knees, and ankles
  3. Seated Calf Raise, 3x12
  4. Squat
    • Work up to training max (x1@9.5)
    • 50% training max xAMRAP (10 minute limit)
  5. (Optional) 5 minutes puking

Directions for submitting entries are in the YouTube video description! If you have any comments, questions, or advice, please share in the comments below!

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