Is your job miserable? Good, I'm glad.

I am not an authority on anything and my opinion may not matter to most people. But there are a few things I have no tolerance for. One is people who complain about their jobs. Most of these people have either destination disease or MOOMBA disease.

Check out what they are here:

Two Diseases and the Deadliest Words for Coaches

You know the people that no matter what position they have, they're still not happy. They never make enough money, their boss is an asshole, and they deserve so much more than the shitty job they have.

Well, I don't have any other advice that I haven't already written about.

So, to help anyone who is miserable at your current job, I am going to list all of the jobs I have had in my life.

Long John Silvers
Cooking and eating frozen fish in a vat of oil is not only healthy for you, but the scent stays in your clothes and chicks dig the grease smell. Hitting each other as hard as possible in the back of the head with hush-puppies was awesome. I once slept in the recycling dumpster on New Year's eve because I didn't want to be late for work on new years day.

Bill Grey Mitsubishi
I had to detail cars. I was a train wreck the whole time I worked there. I lied and said I knew how to drive a stick. Learned quickly in the hilliest towns in America. I wrecked like 3 cars in the dumbest way. Thought the window was closed and learned it wasn't with a bucket of soapy water.
When I was on my 4th strike I was driving back to the dealership with a car on a very windy day. I see this bucket getting blown down the street right at my vehicle (a new car that just go sold). I smash this thing and slam on the brakes. I knew no one would believe a bucket came out of no where right into the car. I got out and ran down the middle of West Liberty Avenue during rush hour with the car parked in the road to grab this thing as evidence.
I was let go anyway.

Cool Springs Driving Range and Batting Cages
My buddy Ron and I got a job at Cool Springs for the summer. I though it'd be awesome until the first day. The ball-picker-upper cart was broken and the next thing I know I am wearing a cage on my head walking up and down this driving range with a suction PVC pipe picking up golf balls. Thunk, Thunk Thunk. People are just trying to nail us. Gold balls are whizzing by our heads. The cages were heavy as hell and I never felt like a literal target in my life.

After the nightmare I called my first day of work, we got transferred to the batting cages. So, the idea was, we would walk across the hillside where people were hitting balls and whack them down the hill with a bat while wearing a batting helmet. I could keep the chicks off me with this job.

So once you knock the balls into the ravine, you shovel them into large garbage cans and then pour them into the pitching machines. Good times.

So one day my boy Ron called off, I had to get a ride and things weren't great at home. So I am in the field knocking balls down the hill and some all-american softball player is home for the summer with like 7 of her friends absolutely crushing balls. This girl is good because she is aiming for me and coming really close. One hits me off the bounce and her friends go ape shit like she just hit a walk-off to win the world series. Now they are talking shit to me and I am trying to move farther up the hill, but this chick is jacked I guess. Every ball that comes near me, I get more aggravated. I start to hit the balls down the hill out of my hand. Another one hits me (what are the chances of that?) and I just f**king lose it and start throwing balls down at this chick. They all freak out (they weren't laughing then) and tell my boss.

He waves me down and asks what the hell is the matter with me. What was I going to say? He fired me on the spot. The group didn't hang around to jump me, which was surprising since that is standard operating procedure where I grew up. I guess I gave them a little too much crazy when I asked them for a ride home. Had to call my step-mom instead.

Amel's Mediterranean Restaurant
So I don't graduate high school and they have to push my deployment date for the United States Marine Corps back from June to February. I had to go to Langely (Todd Hamer's Alma Mater) for summer school and live in my Aunt and Uncle's basement (I did my community service for a prior during this time as well). Then I have to go to South Standard Evening School during the fall and move back in my Dad. I was one of the only males in school and most of my classmates were moms or going to be moms. I payed rent and my dad got me a job at Amels washing dishes. I got to do some prepwork and realized that the service industry my not be the best suited for me. Everyone should be a dishwasher for a week.

When I got out of the Marine Corps, I enrolled at CCAC full-time and me and 3 friends rented a 2 bedroom house. I worked 5 jobs at once (I am not lying). I eventually got down to 3 but here was a typical day.

6am - Wake up make breakfast and pack several lunches.
6:45 - Walk to the subway and take it down town
7:15 - Take a bus from downtown to the Northside.
8am-2pm - Class
2pm-4pm - Work at the VA office at CCAC or the downtown office
5pm - after taking the subway to Station Square, worked at a sporing goods store or a toy store (no shit)
10pm - take the subway back home
1030 - homework

On weekends, I would work at Station square or my best friend's Dad's Pizza Shop. Johnny Pizza on Stratmore Ave. RIP Johnny.

While at Clarion U. of PA
Cell Phones
While I was an undergrad, I was still paying rent on the house in Pittsburgh. I had a job in the financial aid office and then got a job as a customer service rep fro cellular one (now verizon). I used to sell cell phones at a kiosk inside a wal-mart. Dignity had nothing on me.

Brute Force with the Gift of Gab
I also ended up being a GA and bouncing at the University Inn during senior week. I knew everyone, so my short ass could be diplomatic and sweet talk the testosterone out of dudes.

1 AirBrush and 3 Pizzerias
During the summers I started working back at home and once again I was up to 5 jobs. I started working at my buddy's air brush store at Century III Mall. He later sold it and opened Witchdoctor's Tattoo Emporium. I also worked at 3 pizza shops at once time. Johnny's, my mom's place the Florreffe Hotel, and Poppa Roccos (for a brief time). I cooked mostly but would take some deliveries. This is why I always tip delivery people. Wait staff = 20%. Pizza delivery = 10%.

Harris' Monster Factory
Finally I also worked at the place I got my start in Powerlifting. I sued to run Harris' Monster Factory in West Elizabeth. Jamie Harris was my guy and he used to hook me up with supplements, wraps, t-shirts, etc. We had a great crew to lift with and it was a blast.

Still working for free
My buddy Mike Murphy told me that he at least wanted to make his age in salary. Good goal to strive for, I guess. One thing I knew I had to do was volunteer.
When I interned with Shawn Griswold and Rusty Burney at The University of Tulsa. At the time, I was lucky to be on a 10 month contract at Denison so I interned for the Golden Hurricanes. They got me a dorm room and when I wasn't coaching from 515am until 5pm, I was finishing my second masters and finalizing the defensive playbook ( I was the DC at the time). It would have been much easier to make some youtube videos and write a blog pretending I am smarter than everyone else. I just knew I had dues to pay.

Another 10 month contract during my second stint at DU allowed me to volunteer at Ohio State. Would not trade that experience for the world. Every little bit of experience you can get can be the difference for your future.

No one cares about your feelings
One piece of advice I could give is that no one really cares how you feel about your job. If you aren't happy with your miserable job, find a new one. If you still aren't happy, maybe it's not the job that's miserable.

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