Hitting for the Elite FTS cycle I was able to get a session in with Elite’s top Raw Powerlifter, Joe Sullivan.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Joe for a handful of years now and I would never pass up an opportunity to train with him. An unmatched intensity and focus, in between sets we caught up, talked rehab, movement prep, coaching. But when the bar was loaded it was time to work.

I was closing out the end of a squat cycle which started 6 weeks ago, very light at roughly 460 lbs for 5’s , Now six weeks later I was planning to hit something close to 600 for doubles.

I worked up to my first set at 595 lbs and it moved well. I was really happy with the way the bar felt on my back and the way the walk-outs felt. At this point, I’m about seven months out from the competition, so its all about stringing together habits for success when that bar gets really heavy. The intangibles. For the second set, I decided to make a jump to 615 lbs, because I didn’t drive 4 hours in the snow to just squat 595 lbs.

I was able to groove to fast reps, marking the first time in about 4 months I’d gone over six hundred pounds on a squat. Earned the deload going into the next training cycle that’s for sure.

Meanwhile, Joe, Who’s 4 weeks out from competition hit a triple at 705 lbs in SLEEVES. Monster.

With a light bodyweight, it was crazy to see the bar move so well.

For the full session click the link below!