Just MY observation

I think that a LOT of my family's success is based on the fact we sit down almost every night and eat dinner together.

It's here we discuss, make fun of, formulate plans.  We also debate, share, and learn.

We learn about how each feels, thinks, believes.

I start most meals with the three things that need accomplished daily in my house.  Please feel free to put them on YOUR refrigerator if they inspire YOU:

1. What made you laugh at least 12 times today?

2. Who did you help?

3. What new thing did you learn?

Those three things can cover more than a meal!


Today's Training:

AirDyne: 21 minutes while watching NCIS.  That is still a pretty good show

Chain Lunge: 3X

2 chains x 20 steps each foot

1 chain x 20 steps each foot

0 chains x 20 steps each foot


6 Rep Max Suspended Good Mornings

Once the weight is reached, reduce it by 30% and do three sets of six


Ab Wheel: 4x15

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