Just Sit'n Here Minding My Own Business

I make it a habit to let people live the way they want until they seek me as a professional to change their Health, Strength and Conditioning.  Otherwise, I stay out of their business.

What they believe religiously or politically is none of my business.  Your morality or ethics are not in my lane.

I am less likely to stick my nose in places where it can be stung and my blood pressure reflects that.

As long as I don't hurt anyone and they don't hurt me or my family...ALL IS GOOD!

That might be the reason I find it hard to fathom why anyone would go out of their way to intentionally hurt or damage another person, business or reputations.

ONE "Karen" can ruin an entirely good program for what ever the reason might be.

I'm not sure if "Karen" believes she is a Justice Warrior or if there is some vendetta and her hatchet was not buried sufficiently.

I'm saying a lot without saying anything, I know.  But there is an accusation about my facility that is untrue and it is brought about by, Karen.

I would love to meet her face to face to have a civil discussion and to see if there is way I could remedy her discontent.


(those would not work well in her situation)


Today's Training:

AirDyne: 21 minutes

Bike Commute: 18 mins


AirDyne Bike:

5 minutes steady

12x 15/45


Concept II Row:

5 minutes steady

12 x 15/45



12x40 yards at 75%


Bike Commute: 17 minutes

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