Just Train Harder & Stop All Pussification!

I've been reading this online for a number of years now, and the sentiment has resurfaced again. This is that most people just need to train harder and that men are now all pussies.

Where do these assumptions come from?



All of the people I see and know ARE training hard!  Some are training VERY hard. So I really don't see the issue that they need to "just train harder." I would venture to say they may need to train less, or at the very least in a more organized manner.

To say the guys from the 70s and 80s trained harder is just an assumption, a speculation. I would say that they trained just as hard as lifters today train.


No harder—No less.


To say that their gains were made solely because of "hard work" completely discredits the thought, risk and sacrifice they put into their training.  While many of the "work harder" critics were still in diapers or not even born yet, these guys were figuring shit out  AND working hard.

I started competing in the 80s and know for a fact that there was a great deal of thought put into the training because I listened to the conversations about how training cycles were set up, what accessories to do, and so on.


They didn't just go in the gym and "lift heavy shit."


They also didn't spend their time speaking about who posted this or tweeted that. Once again, they train hard and talked about what they could do to get better. They were figuring shit out.

Today I see guys doing all they can to get better. I see them going to school while working full time, working two and three jobs to support their families, taking risks and starting their own businesses, putting 60 hours per week in at their jobs, being there for their kids, learning skills at home to make them better at work and more valuable in the marketplace, working their asses off while trying to keep marriages together when they could easily walk away, standing up for what they believe in, not backing down in the face of adversity, and giving their time to charity AND busting their asses in the gym.

I see FAR more of this than those who give up, make excuses,  and take the easy way out. I see people who are standing up and taking responsibility, not placing blame or making excuses.

I feel that rather than bitching about it or assuming that it's an epidemic, one should seriously look at who and where he/she is spending his/her time, how he/she coaches, and what type of example he/she is setting.

I've always been told that birds of the same feather flock together. Well, if all you see are pussies and tweads, then maybe it's time you find a new flock to fly with.



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