Matching the intent of your exercise with the implement is a missing link in a lot of people's training.

Just because you can squeeze or "FEEL" a muscle, doesn't mean that tension is being appropriately applied to the muscle throughout the movement.

When it comes to rowing movements, we have a myriad of bars, handles, grips, and angles that can be synchronized to best apply tension selectively to the muscles of the back.

Effective back training can be elusive for a lot of lifters because they aren't paying attention to these finite details. Once we can begin to match the implement to the intended muscle, training and results will start to come easier.

As a general rule, a supinated grip or neutral grip is better suited for machines or movements meant to target the lats. As the last act as better extenders of the shoulder when in a neutral or slightly externally rotated shoulder position.

And a pronated grip can be better suited to target muscles that act directly on the scapula: rear delts, rhomboids, traps.

There is a lot of nuances to be layered on top of this to ensure maximum efficiency of exercise selection and execution, but these are some good starting points to begin to implement into your training.

Stay Strong,