I read.  I read a LOT!  When I read, I check to see who authored the material that I'm consuming.  I take a lot of information in based upon certain criteria.

1. What is the education of the person.  Not ALL is academic.  Not ALL is strictly from regurgitation from another credible source.  (Believe me,  I've read stuff and re read from another person from whom I know they lifted from without giving proper credit)

2. What kind of EXPERIENCE have they had?  When you are young and speak as if you have this great life experience that you speak from, I know you are full of it.  Quite possibly saying stuff to have "precence" because you think you're "edgy".  To the contrary, you look immature behind your years (and still wet behind your ears).

A person with actual experience is never at the mercy of anyone with a theory.

I know this to be certain, when a person KNOWS a subject, they teach.  They speak long and hard without compromise.  They will use wonderful eloquent words to poise themselves as the experts they may truly be.

When a person is WISE about a subject, they shut up and listen.