Leg Training and a Bonus Tricep Workout You Should Try.


Glute Press
* 3 warm up sets of 20

Leg Press
* 3-4 warm up sets of 10-15
* Found a weight that was easy for 20 reps. No idea how many plates.
* Added one plate (not one per side) and did 30 reps.
* Added another plate and did 40 reps
* added another plate and did 50 reps
* added another plate and did 60 reps
* added another plate and did 70 reps
* added another plate and did 80 reps
** I knew at this point there was no way in hell I was going to be able to take the next jump to 90 reps so I did...

3 sets of 10 with a 6 count eccentric and then used my hands to get the weight back up.

Power Squat Machine superSet with Leg Extensions.
3 sets of 12 and 15 reps

Hip Adduction
* 3 sets of 15

Hip Abduction
* 3 sets of 15

Walking TKE's
* 3 sets of 3 minutes

Seated Leg Curl
* 1 sets of 40 reps with 60 partials




Rope Pushdowns

* 3 very light warm up sets of 20-30

* 3 warm up sets of 15

Close Grip 2-Board Press

* Work up to two heavy sets of 5 reps using an eccentric tempo that is 1⁄2 the speed

as you would normally use. Press each rep as you would a normal rep. After the last

rep of the set hold the top position for a 10 count.

Triple Mini Band Extensions

* Use three mini bands looped at shoulder level around a power rack. Grab all the

bands and step away from the rack as you would set up as you would be doing lying

dumbbell extensions. Preform as many reps as you can with all three bands. You

want to fail somewhere between 10-15. If the tension is too much step back. If it is

not enough step forward. After 15 reps drop off one of the bands and do as many

reps as you can, after you reach failure again drop off so you are now only using one

band and do as many reps as you can. Change hands.

Rest 60 seconds and repeat. Do this for 3 rounds

Eccentric Barbell Push Ups

* Set the bar up at the bottom of a power rack or secured on the floor. Hex

dumbbells can also work. Get into a starting push up position with one figure on

the smooth part of the bar. If your bar doesn’t have this then use what you would

consider a close grip bench press distance. Lower the rep using a 6 count. Use your

knees to get back to the starting position and lower again. When you can no longer

lower using a 4 count the set is over. Shoot for 6-8 reps.

Rest 60 seconds and repeat. Do this for 3 rounds

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