Please excuse typo's, spelling errors and other mistakes. My grammar was bad to begin with and now that I can post these from my phone...well... it's not going to improve.

Ken Jackson (IFBB Pro) was in town to train legs today. Let me tell you somethings about Ken you may not know.

He runs an amazing and successful sports and personal training center in Michigan.

Ken Jackson's Fitness Factory
14922 Technology Dr.
Shelby Twp, MI 48315

He also owns Fit Food a prepared organic food business that will create and ship meals to you.

When he is in full prep mode he will drive 4 hours (one way) once a week to train with John Meadows.

He is one of the strongest pressers I have ever seen. Barbells, Dumbbells - doesn't matter - the guy can press a ton of weight.

He is a husband and father.

University of Michigan
Class of 1999 · BS Movement Science · Ann Arbor, Michigan
Was a four year letttermen on the football team, also part of the National Championship team in 1997

He is one of the most modest and humble lifters I've ever met.  Looking over what he has accomplished (all I had to research on my own) and the many times he has been down to train the one thing that stands out the most is this man works his ass off!

In and out of the gym he is not afraid of sacrifice and hard work.

These are the type of people I love to train with. Just being around them makes you better. Seek these people out when ever you can - do some work - and share a vomit bucket if need be.

What else is there to say!

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Leg Day

We had the sessions filmed so I shot some phone clips of the session being filmed.

I kind of knew what to expect after speaking with John on Saturday and I would list today as a 7 on a brutal scale of 10. My eyes were red but there was still some white in them. I true 9 or 10, there would be no whites left in my eyes. Then again, it could be I just didn't train hard enough.

Everything we did today was done with super sets. The first round was standing leg curls with leg presses. We did 3-4 warm up sets with 5 plates per side on the leg press and around 20 pounds on the leg curl. From these we work up each set (10 on  the leg press and 10 on the leg curl) for 7 more rounds. The last set with the leg press was a challenge set. Ken did somewhere around 40, I hit 30 and John (who was sick before we started) still managed to get over 20.

This was the second to last set.


After this we moved on to lying leg curls and machine squats.  With these we one again had another 3-4 warm up sets with next to nothing for weight. Then found a nice working weight we could get around 10-15 reps with (with another 5 or so in the tank). We did 5 rounds of this series. On the last set I added 30 partials to the end of my leg curls set and 2 static holds to the end of my machine squat sets.

I didn't get video of the last series of sissy squats and leg extensions. We dd 6-8 reps on the sissy squat and moved right to 15 reps on the leg extensions. I think I did 3 sets but at this point I really can't remember for sure.

Shameless plug, People ask me all the time how I train the way I do with a total hip replacement. First, I do know and am aware I am wearing it out faster than if I didn't train the way I do but...

With this stated:

* I only train legs once a week and only go really heavy - not really often. I use a slower tempo and keep the weight lower.

* I also do a ton of warm ups and if I still do hip adduction, hip abducation and glute presses every leg day (even when I do not note it in my log).

* I am not worried about my replaced hip but the other one. The other one is actually worse, but it doesn't hurt and the range of motion is good.

* I get MAT therapy done once a week
* I also never train legs without wearing compression shorts and knee sleeves (my raw gear).


These are the shorts I use. C4EFB0C7-B4DF-4674-BD0A-422FE407A19C