Trained legs solo at Strength Beyond in Kalamazoo.  The workout wasn't really anything to write home about.  We hit legs on Saturday at the elitefts compound and we're filming back with Jeff Sygo on 3/11/15, so I wasn't looking to set any strength records. It was a high carb day, so I was pretty full...I didn't weigh myself but I'm guessing I was somewhere in the low-to-mid 280s.

standing calf supersetted with top position hack calf raises:
4x10-20 each

Seated calf supersetted with banded tibia raises:
3x20 each

Lying leg curls on hammer leg curl:
1xfailure - triple drop set with 20 partials at the end

Hack squats, heels on 45lb plate, pushing off of toes, supersetted with walking lunges:
1x30 no weight (hacks only)
1x20 135lb, 1x30 lunges with 30lb chains (around neck)
1x20 225lb, 1x30 lunges
1x20 315lb, 1x15 lunges

Triple Drop set hack squats:
1x12 315lb
1x10 225lb
1x10 135lb

Stiff leg deadlifts:
1xfailure (was still rekt from the hacks/lunges)

Leg extensions:
4x12 with 20 bottom range partials (f'n burned)


Was a decent workout.  I was hoping to hit some front squats, but the supersets of the toe-push hack squats with walking lunges followed by the triple drop set of hacks really kicked my ass.  I'm dealing with bronchitis right now as well and my recovery between sets was pretty much shit.
I got the idea for the hack squats off the toes from a youtube video of John Meadows with Tom Platz.  I'm at work and the IT nazis have youtube blocked...but if you do a search for "meadows platz hack squats" I'm sure it will come up.

I focused on constant tension and stopped a few inches short of lockout on each rep.