Trained legs with Randy Howard at Strength Beyond in Kalamazoo. I've been having a lot of knee pain the past month...mostly stemming from a foot slip on the leg press at a different gym about a month ago. It's not really getting better so I'm trying to make an active effort to warm up longer before going heavy on legs. So...if it seems like there is an excessive amount of warm up sets in this workout, that's why.

Horizontal calf machine:
5x15 with a drop set on the last two sets

Seated calf raises:

Lying leg curls:
6x10 warm ups
3x10 with 10-20 bottom range partials

Leg Press:
8x10-20 (warming up to 8 plates/side)
Work sets:
2x10 10 plates/side
Triple Drop set:
1x10 10 plates/side
1x10 8 plates/side
1x10 6 plates/side

Dumbell Stiff leg deadlifts:

"toe presses" on hack squat (see my instagram @Troponin_Nutrition for video--I can't link to it at work) with
leg extensions:
3xfailure 315lb toe presses
3x15 with 20 bottom range partials on leg extensions

"Platz" sissy hack squats:  (also on my instant grams)
1xfailure 1 plate/side

Adductor machine:

Bulgarian split squat drop set:
1x15 60lb dumbell
1x15 35lb dumbell
1x15 bodyweeight

I'm still having trouble "activating" my's something I never had to worry about before I took time off. I don't know if it's age, nerve issues from old injuries, or a combination of both, but my quads just don't get pumped/sore like they used to. I used to do one set of squats and my quads would immediately blow my ass and hams fill with blood just fine, but I don't get that kind of pump at all in my quads. I don't know if it will end up affecting what I bring to the stage this year, but I'm doing my best to make sure it doesn't.

This was our second leg workout of the week and is more of a "blood volume" type session. I don't work with John Meadows, but I really enjoy watching him and Dave Tate train legs on youtube and I've been trying to incorporate a lot of their leg stuff in these "blood volume" workouts.

I also wanted to mention that I saw on instagram that Mike (muscle_chef) and Bianca (bianca_fitchix) tagged me because they did one of the leg workouts from my coaching log here at elitefts. I thought that was pretty cool. You never really know if people are paying much attention to your training or not, so it's cool to see that someone thought my workout was worth repeating.