Trained legs with Randy Howard and Jeff Denton at Strength Beyond in Kalamazoo.
I've been training legs twice a week the past few months but I've decided to break them up into quads and hams. So this day was just quads (and calves).

Standing calf raises: 5x15
Tibia raies (supeset): 3x20

Seated Calf raises: 3x15
12" red band peroneus extensions: 3x15

Leg press:
4x15 warm up

60 second time under tension sets:
2x60 seconds

Final set:
Drop 2 plates/side
1x30 seconds
Drop 2 plates/side
1x30 seconds

Triple Drop Bulgarian split squats (you can see video on facebook and instagram @Troponin_Nutrition. I can't post links at work)
3 sets of:
1x10 60lb dumbells
1x10 35lb dumbells
1x10 bodyweight with 5 second hold at end

Leg extensions:
3x15 with 10-20 bottom range partials at the end