Another high-volume workout with Randy Howard at Strength Beyond in Kalamazoo.

As I've said in previous posts, I'm dealing with a lot of joint pain right now for some reason.  I hurt my right knee almost 9 months ago now and it still isn't back to normal.  Combine that with the changing weather making my hip act up pretty bad (old injury from before my layoff for school) and heavy squatting was going to be more pain than fun, so I took the high-volume road to Swoletown.

Horizontal calf raise:

Standing calf raise:
Lying leg curls
I do these with a yoga mat under my thighs....I should explain why in a video some time:
7x10 (last 2 sets had partials and holds)

Concentration leg curls
chest elevated....done as a drop set by bringing my chest down to the pad for leverage when I hit failure:
Leg press:
These were done in the pattern of 1 super slow rep, followed by 5 regular reps--two sets of that pattern:
1x12 4 plates
1x12 8 plates
1x12 12 plates
1x12 16 plates
1x12 20 plates

Single leg press:
We were just waiting for the squat rack to open up

Reverse Barbell lunges:

Seated Leg Curls:

Done with heels elevated on 5lb plates:
1x10 135lb
1x10 225lb
1x10 315lb (f'n knee still hurts)

Walking lunges:
Holding 50lb dumbells for 1/2 of the way:
2x30  (across the gym and back...think it's about 30 reps each leg)

Single leg extensions: