Trained Legs with Randy Howard at Strength Beyond in Kalamazoo

Horizontal calf:

Seated calf:
Lying Leg curls:

Leg extensions:

Stiff leg deadlifts:

Leg press:

Single Leg press:

Reverse Hack Squat:
Triple Drop set:
1x10 315lb
1x10 225lb
1x10 135lb

Seated Leg Curls:

I was damn near dead after the triple drop set on reverse hacksquats and could barely eat anything on our weekly post-leg-day-sushi binge....but for some reason I barely got sore from this workout. I have no idea legs were on fire and my quads were even cramping during the session. It's always crazy to me how certain workouts will produce an amazing amount of soreness while others (even workouts that seem much harder) won't produce much at all.

This was one of those "how the f'k am I not more sore?" workouts.

On the plus side, I think my legs have really improved this year.   They were always sort of  a weak point for me.  They were never horrible...but definitely not a stand out body part and I always felt that they lagged behind more and more in my last years as a bber competitor as my upper body added size.
I never really intended on switching to this style of training for was a byproduct of hurting my knee last year and not being able to squat (or do anything) heavy for a long time afterwards.

I switched to this style of training hoping that the higher volume would be enough of an intensity booster to at least "get some kind of workout in," but pretty soon people at the gym started commenting on my legs and even my wife started mentioning that my legs looked bigger.

So now I feel like my knee is back to where I could squat heavy again, but I'm hesitant to give up this style of training on leg day becasue I've had so much success with it.