Trained legs solo at Strength Beyond in Kalamazoo.  I actually trained a few hours before the Daddy Daughter dance...which ended up not being such a good idea.  I took 3 daughters this year--two of them spent most of the night running around with their friends, but my eldest daughter loves dancing....and loves dancing with me, so we spent the entire night dancing to every song....which my legs didn't appreciate

I was a little rushed for the workout so I didn't get to do quite as much as I wanted, but considering how sore I am after the workout and two hours of dancing...I'm actually glad I didn't do more.

Leg press calf raises:

Seated Calf raises:

Lying leg curls:
1x10x10x10 (triple drop set)

Squats (w/ buffalo bar):
2x10 135lb
2x8 225lb
2x8 315lb
1x8 405lb
1x8x8 (drop set from 405lb to 225lb)

Stiff leg deadlifts:

Leg extensions: