Trained Legs with Randy Howard at Strength Beyond in Kalamazoo.  I'm currently dieting....possibly for a show but mostly because I want to be contest lean and see where I'm at.  My hip has really been bothering me (I've had issues with it since around 2007) and it was not cooperating today so the workout was more of a pain struggle than muscle fatigue struggle

Leg press calf raise:

Seated Calf:

Lying Leg curls
1x10x10x6 (triple drop set)

Leg extensions:

Leg press:

Concentration leg curls:

Reverse Hack Squats:
Hip wasn't liking these at all and just wasn't able to continue

These sucked too.  It feels like my femur is grinding into my hip...and the bone on bone grinding just sends a horribly constant ache down my femur.  It's really frustrating

Super set--leg extensions and squats:

Stiff leg revese hack squats:


Right now I'm doing my typical carb rotation.  Leg days are supposed to be high days but we switched legs from Friday to Wednesday this week (it was just too hard to be fired up for a hard leg training session at the tail end of a work week) so I ended up training legs on a medium day.

Meal 1: 2 scoops protein, 1 cup oats, 3/4 cup honey nut cheerios (blended)
Meal 2: 8 oz 93/7 ground beef, 1 cup white rice
Meal 3: 8 oz 93.7 ground beef, 1 cup white rice
Meal 4: 8 oz 93/7 ground beef, 1 cup white rice
Meal 4.5: 2 scoops Intra-MD during training (didn't finish it all)
Meal 5: 2 scoops protein, 3 scoops intra-MD (didn't have any food cooked and needed soemthing quick that fit my macros)
Meal 6: 8oz round steak, 2 tablespoons peanut butter