Had a brutal leg workout with Randy Howard at Strength Beyond in Kalamazoo.  My legs were always sort of a weak point (bodybuilding wise) in the past--at least in my eyes, but I've been getting some really good bodybuilding style leg workouts in and I think they'll be one of my better body parts (mostly due to everything else looking like shit...) if I ever decide to get back on stage.

hammer iso-lateral leg press: 5x20

Lying leg curls:
Warm up:

Max Sets:
1x10 plus 10 partials

Leg press:
1x15 6 plates
1x15 10 plates
1x15 14 plates
1x15 18 plates
1x15 22 plates
1x50 12 plates (this one wrecked me)

Stiff legs on hack squat machine:
3x15 225lb
Bulgarian Split Squats:
Warm up:
1x15 bodyweight

Quadruple Drop Set:
1x10 60lb dumbell
1x10 40lb dumbell
1x10 20lb dumbell
1x10 bodyweight (I tried to do a 5 second hold at the end of each set but only made it through the first two)

Triple Drop set:
1x10 60lb dumbell
1x10 40lb dumbell
1x10 bodyweight (no way I was getting the 20lb dumbell.  It took about 2 minutes just to get the 10 reps with my bodyweight--legs were locking up on me)

Reverse Hack Squats superset with Sissy squats:
3x15 reverse hacks
3x10 sissy squats


We hit up a local sushi joint after the workout (turning into a leg day tradition) and it was amazing.  I've been dieting pretty hard the past few weeks so my appetite is through the roof.

I don't know what it was about this workout but it was probably the worst lactic acid burn I've ever had in my legs.  I could barely walk out of the gym (not that uncommon on leg day), but the brutal part was that my quads were VIOLENTLY cramping the rest of the night. I literally couldn't move for a few hours after the workout without my legs seizing up.  I didn't even have to flex my quads....if I simply put them in a straightened position while laying down they would immediately seize up.
I don't know if my electrolytes got thrown off from all the soy sauce with the sushi or what, but I was honestly considering calling an ambulance.  lol