Sorry I haven't been keeping my log's been crazy busy and I'm barely able to keep up on emails with my clients right now.

I trained quads at Strength Beyond in Kalamazoo with Randy Howard and Jeff Denton.

Seated calf raises:

Standing one leg calf raises with dumbell:

Safety bar squats:
2x10 135lbs (not sure what the bar weighs...this was probably closer to 150-160lbs)
1x10 225lbs
1x10 315lbs

Safety bar squats with heels elevated on 10lb plate:
2x10 225lb

Superset--Leg press with heel elevated safety bar squats
3 sets of:
45 min TUT on the leg press, followed by
135lb for 10 on safety bar squats

Leg extensions:


Diet update:

My diet hasn't been going quite as well as I had hoped.  I'm really busy right now with two new business ventures (one in the Dominican Republic that I'll discuss more later) and all three of my kids are in at least one sport (two doing softball/baseball and one doing volleyball), so it's been hard even finding time to get to the gym between my day job, the kid's activities, and my other business stuff.
My diet has been great---I haven't had any cravings or any issues following the diet. My wife has been very helpful with cooking food so I haven't had any issues with not having food prepared when I needed it.
However, my weight has dropped quite a bit more than I had expected. I think I might have hit a high of 290lbs at the very end of my offseason...and I was holding my size well the first month or so into the diet. I weighed myself about 2 weeks ago and I was still 282lbs and quite a bit leaner. I started to push the diet a bit harder around 12 weeks out and think I might have pushed it a little harder than I should and my weight has dropped to 265lbs....which is about where I was in contest shape the last time I competed.
So I'm kind of stuck right now because I'm not someone who does bodybuilding shows because they love getting oiled up and flexing for a crowd....I do them because I like improving. As of right now, I'm not sure I'll be better than I was at my last contest.
I'm still pushing things with the diet, but I'm kind of coming up on a crossroad on making a decision between doing the Masters Nationals and holding off for a show later in the summer/fall.