Trained Legs with Randy Howard and Marshall Hamilton at Strength Beyond in Kalamazoo.  Marshall is leaving to join the Army at the end of the year so he worked in on the first 2/3 of the workout and then left to flip tires and go on a run (gotta be ready for boot camp)

Horizontal calf machine:

Seated Calf:

Lying leg curls:
5x12 (pyramiding up)

Lying concentration curls
(drop set by changing body position):

Leg press:
Done in the style of 1 super slow rep, 5 regular reps, 1 super slow rep, 5 regular reps (for 12 total reps):
1x12 6 plates
1x12 10 plates
1x12 14 plates
1x12 18 plates
1x12 22 plates (tough set)

Seated Leg curls:

One leg presses on horizontal hammer strength:
3x15 each leg

Heels elevated on 10lb plates
1x10 135lb
1x10 225lb
1x10 315lb (not sure why, but these felt way too heavy today)

Sissy squats (on apparatus)
1x15 (didn't feel right, so we moved to leg extensions)

Leg extensions:


I was a little disappointed in the workout....I was just dragging ass the entire time.  I usually get a nice little second wind after leg press (when my knees and hips finally feel warmed up and not pure pain), but that never happened today.
The workout wasn't a total bust, but certainly wasn't anything to write home about.
I leave Saturdays open for a second leg day of the week if needed...and since my legs aren't sore at all yet today I think I'll probably make a run at a second workout this Saturday