Legs every other day for six weeks: Day 2


lying leg curls.
5 sets, 12 reps.

The last set here was a long triple drop set with static holds and partials.  My hams were already fried at this point.


leg extensions.
Three sets of 20 reps.
This is just a warm up to get some blood flowing before we move to leg press.


leg press.
Seven sets, twelve reps.
The last set of this was a triple drop set where I slipped two plates off each side for a triple drop set. Twelve reps, six reps. I was pretty wrecked after those.


stiff leg barbells dead lifts.
Three sets, fifteen reps.
Nothing special or fancy here, just 135 for 3 sets of 15. Mostly to just get a stretch on the hamstrings and let my quads rest after the drop set on leg press because I was having trouble walking at this point


Bulgarian split squats.
Two sets, each leg, triple drop set.
On this we started out with a 70 pound dumbbell and then dropped to a 50 pound kettle bell and then dropped to a 30 pound kettle bell. We did ten reps at each of the drop sets so thirty reps total each leg, two sets.


leg extensions.
Three sets, twenty reps.
The last set on this was a quadruple drop set that lasted about, I don't know, it felt like forever but it was probably at least two minutes.  The last drop set ended with partials until I could barely move the weight anymore.

That was it. After that we headed off for sushi. That was day two of the legs every other day for six weeks.

As of the next morning, I'm actually not that sore.  I was more sore after the first leg day than I was this day.  I'm kind of expecting it to be like in preseason football.  You start out so sore the first few days that you can barely get out of bed....you're doing two-a-days, full pads, with conditioning each practice and you get so sore the first few days that you can't imagine you'll make it through the whole camp without dying....but pretty soon the soreness starts to go a way a bit and by the end of camp you're not sore at all anymore.

I don't know if that has any kind of effect (positive or negative) on muscle growth, but I'll be interested to see if by the end of this 6 weeks if I can put myself through a full 2 hour leg workout without any DOMS any more.

We'll see.  I figure it will either be that kind of response or I'll just keep getting more and more sore until I quit legs EOD and hope no one noticed that I bailed on the experiment lol