Fifth Leg day in 9 days at Strength Beyond in Kalamazoo.  My training partner Randy was on a work trip so I was flying solo


standing calf raise (One leg, holding a dumbbell).
Three sets, twenty reps.

seated calf raise.
Four sets, 25 reps.

seated calf raise using a dumbbell.
Two sets, 25 reps.
The dumbbell seated calf raises were actually done one leg at a time, I just placeD a dumbbell on my knee. It was just a different exercise to try.

lying leg curls.
Four sets, twenty reps.
These were done in a super set fashion. The first ten reps were done with my chest elevated off the pad, followed by ten reps with my chest on the pad. [inaudible 00:01:10] each set, I think the last set I might have only got eight while laying down, yeah it was pretty tough.

single leg leg press.
Twelve sets of ten reps.
These were actually done in kinda sets of three sets, groups of three sets. I did one leg alternating right, left, right, left for three sets. Then I went up in weight and then I did the same thing, three more sets and then I went up in weight and did the same thing, three more sets. None of them were very heavy, they were just there to get a ton of blood in my legs. My legs are starting to get very beat up and I wanted to make sure they were very warm before I went into anything heavy today.

Barbell stiff leg dead lifts.
Three sets, fifteen reps.
These were done with just 135, nothing special. I used kind of a wide stance. Again, my legs are pretty sore so I was just trying to get blood in my hamstrings.

leg extensions.
Four sets, fifteen reps.
These I pyramided up in weight. I can usually get twenty to twenty-five reps with the whole stack so the last set was the whole stack plus another twenty-five pound plate added to it. I try to hold each rep for a one second pause at the top so it's actually pretty tough.

single leg leg curls.
Three sets, ten reps.

hack squats.
Four sets, ten reps.
I pyramided up in weight in these. I started with just one plate a side and went up to four plates a side for ten reps. Like I said, my legs are really beat up and sore and my knees are getting pretty rough too so I took it slow building up to these but it was pretty good 'cause I went through pretty quick through it and so by the fourth set, four plates felt like about six plates, it was pretty rough.

walking lunges.
Three sets, thirty reps.
These were done with holding 40 pound dumbbells. I just walked back from one end of the gym to the other which is about 30 reps, about 15 reps each leg. By the end of these I was really pretty tired but I wanted to get a little more blood in my quads so I went to one more exercise.

leg press with feet low and wide on the platform.
Three sets, twelve reps.
These were done in MTUT fashion where the first rep was five seconds down then five seconds up, followed by five regular speed reps. Then another rep that was five seconds down and five seconds up followed by five more regular reps. On the third set of this I was completely wrecked, it took me about a minute before I could stand up out of the leg press but that was all I had left in me.