I've kind of been thinking about my training and realized that I haven't done anything stupid in a while so, based on someone else's progress pics on Facebook, I think I'm going to make a run at training legs every-other-day for the next 6 weeks.

I'll be documenting my training here and at my new website https://musclementor.net/

The new website covers everything I wish I knew as I was coming up and includes a membership section where we cover all the things everyone wishes someone would talk about.


Leg press calf

Standing calf
These include a drop set for the last two sets
Seated Calf
Each of the last two sets were drop sets on these as well

Seated Leg Curls
This was mostly a warm up, although the last set was more-or-less failure

Leg Extensions
These were just warm ups

Leg Press (single leg)
These were difficult, but I was still treating them as warm ups.  I went pretty slow on each rep and tried to get as much blood into the quads as possible.

Lying Leg curls
The last set of this include static holds and a triple drop set

1x15 135lb
1x15 225lb
1x15 315lb
The one thing that I think might hold me back from completing the legs EOD program is my left hip.  If anyone remembers from back when I was competing, I had a lot of problems with my hips towards the end, especially when I was squatting for powerlifting.
My left hip has progressively gotten worse over the years and it tends to get really bad when the weather goes from cold to warmer (we had a spike of about 25 degrees on this leg day), and it was really hurting me today.  I had my hips looked at back in 2008 and it turns out that the ball of my femur is egg shaped instead of round, so it doesn't really sit all that well in my hip socket.  Because of this it causes inflammation of the hip--especially laterally at the joint.  I'm assuming that's what the problem is....that the inflammation is just getting worse over time (because it feels like bone-on-bone when it gets like it was on this day).
I ended up having to bail on squats because the pain was just too much.  I probably should have dropped squats all together because the set with 315 ended up making it bad enough that I had trouble finishing the workout.

Leg extensions supersetted with walking lunges
3x20 leg extensions
3x30 walking lunges
These were pretty rough, and at least allowed me to go to failure on a couple of sets and get some blood into my quads.  It wasn't the best workout of all time, but I guess I'll get plenty of chances to make up for it in the next 6 weeks.