It's been ALONG time since I've had an arm day and I didn't miss them at all.

Everybody wants to have big guns but nobody wants to work for them...

...because they are stupid and boring to train!

I'm easing back into training arms (now that has to be one of the worst statements I have ever made in my life).  My brain must be fried from all the pre-workout NO monster pump amino blast aka Dr Pepper with a payday candy bar.

Slayer Barbell Curls super set with Fat Rope Pushdowns
* I will admit I do like the slayer curl bar. I also like this bar for triceps extensions because it doesn't bother my elbows at all -  but if I was to be honest I really don't use it for anything else. I am sure it has a millions uses but these are the two I find it best for and leave it at that.
* 3 warm up rounds of 10 each
* 3 work sets of 10-12 (to failure)

Hammer Curls super set with Grenade Ball Chain Extensions
* grenades and chains are awesome. Nothing else needs to be said there. Perhaps the best product combo ever for the pursuit of big guns! [I should just stop writing now as this isn't getting better]
* I did some warm up sets and then some work sets. At this point does it really matter.

That was enough for me.

BIG day in the gym!

So happy I was able to get a PUMP on!