Squats--5 singles Felt Way Better (grooved, dropping weight effects groove but felt better, video at the bottom)

Leg Ext (50,40,30,20)--One Arm barbell Shrug 12,12,12,12 (Superset)

One Leg Curl--3 sets 6 (5 sec eccentric, these were hard!)

Giant Set (Straight Arm Pulldowns x 40, Face up chest away wide grip lat pulldowns x 12, T Bar Rows x 5)  Bat wings were very pumped

Abs Throughout

Bike Intervals (Balls out)15 seconds x 30 seconds off x 6 sets Video at bottom

Saturday (Short fluff workout)

Lateral raise lean away (5 sec negative) 3 sets 5

Inverted Rear Delt Fly 3 sets 12 (final set rest pause 9,4,2)

Front Raises Incline Facedown (swiss bar video at bottom)

12,8,5,40 (Video at the bottom)

Neck Work throughout video at bottom

Don't neglect the neck! A #Jailhousestrong principle

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  Hit some #squats as part of warm up felt solid, moved well #pigiron #pigironclassic #Jailhousestrong #Jailhousestrongshirt #kennedale   A video posted by Jailhouse Strong (@jailhousestrong) on Mar 20, 2015 at 1:08pm PDT