I hear that people "go on a program" or "start a diet", to which you then have left an OUT.  You can now "stop doing that program" or "go off your diet".

I prefer a change in "lifestyle".  I know that daily I will, Get Up.  Wash my face. Brush my teeth. Go to the bathroom. Shower. Eat well, and train.

I will love my wife and child, I will play by the rules as they are stated.


Today's Training:

2 Board 5 rep bench max.

Go up in 10% increments of your predicted max.  Move quickly.

Lower the weight slowly to the boards and EXPLODE the weight back up.

We hit 315 for five.


Pull ups:

Do as many as you can: 20 for me today

Cut the reps in half and do five sets of that.

5x10@ Body weight


Three way shoulders:

Front Raise/Side Raise/Rear Delt Raise as a GIANT set.

3x20@ 10 lbs

DB Supine Tricep Extension: 3x10

DB Curl: 3x10


This chick said "Yes" 15 years ago.  Funny thing is, she was in Kindergarten when I was graduating college.  What a slime ball!  Feels like yesterday and 1000 years all rolled into the same.