Here is big, Mike Otero, hitting 865 in training not meet legal BUT a huge PR--on his way to 9!  He was struggling to nail 600 in 2010, we have worked together 5 years and recently by really bring up his upper back strength--all his lifts have really come up--he doubled 530 on bench, a few years ago 405 was a struggle.




Here is BJ Whitehead hitting a Bench PR this past weekend, I believe the key improvements in training were: dips instead of close grips or boards on his bench accessory day, for squats, it was the safety bar squats.  For deads we have a little technical work but he will have PR in May!


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6'8 Tom Haviland nailing a strict 315 OHP, excited he is coming over from Australia to compete in May

Weds Workout

Occlusion training arms 8 minutes--reverse curl, dbell bicep curls, dips, incline dbell ext (giant set)

Ronnie Coleman Rear Delt Machine (5 minute cluster, do 3 reps rest 15 seconds) still able to do these heavy and I know these hypertrophy  clusters have helped me with recent muscle gains

Same Sequence--incline dbell lateral raises, this was insane in a good way noticeably getting stronger

T3 Raise--4 sets 4 (hold top 6 seconds) feel these in lower traps great, a charles poliquin favorite

Dips (5 sec eccentric)--incline cable fly superset 6--15--felt awesome (4 supersets)

Incline Dbell Hammer Curls (5 sec negative) 4 sets 5

Juarez Valley 15 seated flys

Neck work and intense abdominal work dispersed throughout

This best pump this decade for me!!