Looking at the Sky

It's 9:30 AM PDT and the street lights are still on and people are driving with their headlights on from the lack of light caused by the West Coast fires.  The weird orange tint looks a lot like the sky during a solar eclipse.

The issue is that all of the wild fires taking place along the Pacific West and North West coupled with the constant Santa Ana winds has the lower air levels pinned in and LARGE ash particles are making their way to the ground.

I went out at 0:300 to run thinking that since I didn't smell smoke that I'd be ok.  WRONG!!!  The winds aloft at 5000 feet are carrying that smokey smell but still dropping the larger ash particles.

When I finished my 3.1, I had severe chest congestion and irritated eyes.

The cool thing about this was it made the decision of what we were doing today rather easy... We are staying indoors!!! (fuck Covid).  Also,  the bike commute was simple as well.

As I drove my car today with the headlights on, it look like the beginning of a snow storm.  The ones that build up in intensity???  Small snow flakes in the light beams as you went.  Cars covered in ash blowing the smaller stuff into little snow tornados?

Anyway...Air Conditioning is on.  Two nasal rinses, and a gob of eucalyptus under the nose, and I'm feeling better.

Today's workout

Run: 3.1  This was stupid as a brick

Concept II Row: 15 minutes steady state

AirDyne: 15x 10/50

Pull ups: 15x1

Chin ups: 15x1

DB Row: 4x10  (moderately heavy)

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