Making A Deal With The Devil - When And Why

It's my heavy week three and I feel like a bag of smashed sphincters. Sometimes this just happens. Training gets difficult.

Then there's this week. The first time I have been back to working in person since March. To be honest, I don't like working, but I do love my job. With this whole pandemic thing, my job has gotten infinitely more difficult. That said, I have perspective and am truly grateful to still have a job.

So maybe it was the culmination of a very stressful week back to work colliding with a brutal week three of training, but I actually felt like I might have had the COVID. I was freezing cold and felt achy as hell. But I wasn't about to skip deadlift day when I still have the goal of pulling 600 at 200 lbs body weight by the end of 2020.

I needed 10 reps for my deadlift and I was seriously doubting whether I would get it. So I dug into my bag of tricks and pulled out Wendler's "I Ain't Doing Jack Sh!t!" workout. That's when you do the main movement of a session and nothing else. So I told myself if I get the ten reps, I can walk away and skip assistance work.

Taking things a step further I texted Wendler and Rhodes, the two devils themselves, and told them that was what I was doing. I figured it was a way to hold myself accountable. Plus, we just correspond about training for fun.

Well, I nailed it! I got the ten reps and was close to vomiting just a little bit. I immediately sat down and started shivering. I didn't even unload the bar. My awesome wife did later however. I'm so lucky.

I took a contrast shower, ate, stretched a little, and then got into my recliner with a blanket. I was cold and sweating at the same time which is always fun. But do you know what's important, I got my training in and hit my number!

Sometimes we need to make that deal with the devil. So when you need to, just get your main work in and walk away.

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