When I write my log and then post it to Social Media, I hit two buttons and off it goes.  I then add one more to the EliteFTS page and voila' done.

Then I go to the two sites I know about (I'm on a third but have no idea how I got there with a "following" and I don't know how to use it)

Then I check around the site, reading the News Feed.  It's pretty much always the same, day in and day out.  Same people bitching about the same stuff and nothing in the world has changed for the better since they started..

In the past I would jump in and chime my opinion whether it was asked for or not, and get pissed when someone didn't agree with me. Imagine THAT?

One day not too long ago, I put a stop watch to my time on the media.  I was astonished at the amount of wasted time I collected at the end of the day.  Not minutes...HOURS!  Fuck! All the things that I could have done with that time v. reading the same stuff written by the same people.  Blah, blah, blah.

Since I'm more of a Personal guy, I started communicating with my 3000 plus friends via something witty, or funny.  I chose to Zig while everyone else ZAGGED.

I promised no politics, religion, nothing.  Just keep things light.

Then I started to dial THAT back to perhaps one or two Short quips and leave the responding stuff for my "friends".

Seems people can turn anything and everything into too much depth for me.  I'm a shallow person.  I like to be with my family, train, sports, hang out with my friends, go to the beach, and boobs.  Pretty simple!

I have now engaged fairly strictly to the Personal Message thing.  I realize that what I want to do is have a beer with everyone that I'm friends with.  Since that will never happen, (my liver wouldn't hold up and I'd have to pee all the time) I like to write A person.  Opening a dialog with a joke, or riddle, or HEY HOW THE FUCK YA DOIN'? , in hopes to create more of a PERSONAL conversation.

Unless I receive return fire, I will let them slip into vagueness.  I'll make the effort to be a really true friend, nothing other than that.  The perception of anything other than that is strictly up to that person, not me!

The internet can be a fun way to communicate, add ideas, send well wishes, and laughter.

But know this...I will NOT participate in the norm.  I will not let others negative stink'n think'n bring the Spirits down.

So if you get a Personal Message from me, it's because I am really thinking how YOU are doing.


Today's Training:

Dynamic Bench: 8x3@60% , 1x2@70%

DB Bench Press: 4x15

Men @60



Push Ups: 100 reps for men, 50 for women in as few sets as possible


Over Head Press: Use last weeks 3 rep max

Work up to it and then do 5x1


DB Lateral Raise: 4x12


Rear Delt Destroyer: 1x60-40-20