Box Squats--4 singles

Deficit Deadlift x 3 top set (felt tight and tad off warming up but turned it on and smoked it)

Shrugs 3 sets 12

TBar Row 8x8

Deadlift Hyper 3x3 heavy

Abs & neck throughout

4 sets of Yoke, worked up to 1015 (video of yoke)



Occlusion Training (dumbbell bicep curls/triceps rope overhead ext/trice rope pushdown) 10 minutes straight giant set (only rest moving station to station)

1 arm eccentric barbell curl 8 sec eccentric 5 sets 3 superset with 1 arm overhead cable ext x 10 x 5 sets

abs & neck (video)

Hit the bag//this is a fluffy quickie, yesterday was a ball buster