Please excuse typo's, spelling errors and other mistakes. My grammar was bad to begin with and now that I can post these from my phone...well... it's not going to improve.

Saturday - Back Day


Pulling on some s**t

* I trained back old school WSBB style on Saturday.

3-4x per week when I trained there (14 years if you are counting) I trained upper back. This work was done before training. I supposed you could call it my warm up work. No leg swings, foam rollers, kettlebells or battle ropes back then - just tons of upperback work. I (we) would generally pull shit down. Starting with whatever was on the machine we would do for sets of 10-12 reps (all around 3-4 reps shy of failure). After 4 sets we would change the attachment. After 3-4 attachments we would go on to the real session of the day.

I did this same thing using these attachments:

1. Comfort Grips - coming soon

2. Mag Pronate Bar

3. Tsunami Lat Bar

3. Normal Pulldown Bar - That's what I call it. If someone asks what bar to use and I say grab the "normal" one this is the one they will grab.

4. 36" Fat Bar Wide DD Attachment

lat bars

20 sets later I moved on to seated Rows using a Fat DD Handle
* 3 warm up sets to find a weight that would be hard for 8-10 reps
* 4 work sets of 8-10 reps

Back Raises
* 4 sets of 20

Sunday - Chest Day


Slight Decline Dumbbell Presses
* Many warm up sets progressing slowly (15-20lb Jumps) to 115 for 12 reps. I suppose I would say the last 3 sets were work sets.


Shoulder Saver Bar - Incline Press
* 4-5 warm up sets of 5-6 reps
* 3 work sets of 5 ending with around 275, on the last set did a triple drop strip set with partials.


Slight Incline Chain Flies (or Fly's) <-- still can't figure out how to write that one.
* I filmed this so I can show you all how I do it. I will begin doing more of this in my log since it's offically a "coaching" log. I will detail exactly what I am doing and why with a movement here and there. There is almost always a reason for how I do something unless I am just going batshit crazy (it happens - I admit it)

With this movement I like to use decline type benches that have a rounded end on them and then lay on it backwards. As you will see in  the video I begin with my body higher on the pad. This is to allow me to lean back around the rounded end of the pad, drop my head some and expand my rib cage. The rounded part of the bench allows me to expand my rib cage more (remember I have a shoulder than needs replaced so my range of motion is compromised so I have to come up with things like this to compensate for that). With this movement I keep the tempo slower at the begin and try to fail before 6 reps making sure to stretch and contract at the top. Once I fail I will slide down and rip off a few more reps with whatever tempo it takes to fail again.



"No Name Handle" Cable Flies
* Don't have a name for these handles yet and I am not be secretive about this - we really don't have a name yet and are still testing them. They are single rods that attach to cables that you can do hundreds of things with. These are almost ready for market (they are in production) so the testing is over. I will film these soon but that's not the point of this post. What these allowed me to do is kinda the same as if you did cable flies but only grabbed the ball on the cable (without using any attachment). My hands were kept in a thumbs in position the entire movement.
* 4 sets of 10-15 reps (to failure)


BTW - I am pretty certain this guys has no balls!