I've been working on a new website with Brad Hull that I'm really excited about.   We'll have a ton of free content--with articles on nutrition, training, supplements...scientific articles on nutrition, training videos and blogs, and a members section where advanced topics on training, diet (bodybuilding, powerlifting, precontest, etc), and supplements will be covered all for a low monthly fee. I'm hoping that it will allow people who would like to work with a nutritionist or prep coach the chance to get that same information (and more).


I was set to fly out to California to shoot video with Brad on Friday morning.  Being the proper meathead that I am, I had planned weeks ahead of time to diet down in the weeks before, only to massively carb up in the days before the trip to look as brosephly swole as possible (including pre-video "club pump" pushups).
Everything was going perfectly to plan up until the "I'm totally going to look like Ronnie Coleman once I carb up, bro!" part of the plan.

A few days before the trip I came down with one of the worst colds of my life, triggering a personal hell of deflation that not even pancakes and syrup could fix. Because of this, I looked like a poorly photoshopped photo of a bodybuilder.

The primary problem with this is that it caused us to use up our entire "sleeveless hoodie" fund to buy photoshop to correct the issue in post production.

My Drunk Diet

Day 1 started off a bit rough when, after getting up at 1am California time to catch my flight, I entered the plane behind a hamplanet who sought out the first flight attendant they could find to make sure that the plane was properly equipped with seat-belt extenders. With panic in my eyes and fear in my heart I followed said butter-heffer down the aisle.....seat-by-seat...praying she wasn't in row 18...until she changed her rotational orbit towards the right with her center of mass facing row 18 and descended in to seat 18D....and half of 18C.
Unable to give away my ticket, I spent the next 5 hours losing sight of where my left side began and her right side ended.

It was a tough flight--but as an iron warrior who's used to doing battle in the trenches, I survived and landed in California to a waiting brother-in-law and Bro-in-training who was ready to drive me to meet Brad--where phase 2 of the adventure begins.