My Drunk Diet

I finally arrived at my destination around 1:30pm (the day started at 1:00am...).  This was my first time meeting Brad in person so we exchanged pleasantries like "nice biceps bro," and "I wish my traps were as big as yours."

This "first meeting" amongst bodybuilders is a very precise and delicate ordeal, but when performed properly it's just like in elementary school when you challenge another kid to race to the flag immediately become best friends.  Luckily, we nailed it...and got right to work.

We shot video pretty much straight through until the early evening when we decided to head out for sushi.  While we were waiting for our "no seriously, I like sushi....I'm not just eating it because every bodybuilder claims to love sushi" meals, we ordered some saki.

As booze often does, the saki led to both the best and the worst decision of the weekend...filming diet segments while drunk-as-shit.
With the dinner saki leaving us feeling pretty f'n sweet, we ended up grabbing a half gallon of vodka and a fifth of whiskey...because we didn't want to run out before we got enough footage.

Heading back to work we promptly began getting hammered drunk while discussing the finer points of training and nutrition.  Nothing was taken too seriously, as the whole point of the segment was to provide some comic relief to the site.  The night ended at some point when the half gallon was gone and the fifth had a decent working put on it (I have no idea what the time actually was because I don't specifically recall going to bed).

Nightmare on Hangover Street

Since I was still on Michigan time, morning came with an ice pick running roughshod over the inside of my head around 5:30am California time.   Opening my eyes to a ceiling that was clearly not mine, in a room that was also not mine...with no immediate recollection of the night before, was about the least fun 10 seconds of my life.

Finally remembering what was going on, I stumbled to the bathroom and took the first shower since my experience began.  It was only one day since I last showered (morning to morning), but with the funk of airline travel, sleep deprivation, and drunken stupor on was one of the more needed, and most enjoyable showers of my life.

The rest of the day was rough, but we powered through....even getting a bit of a workout in (it was arms and neither of us was going to risk missing arm day).


The third day went as planned as well and I headed out that final evening to spend a bit of time with my brother-in-law and his adult frat-mates before taking the red-eye back home.

Arriving at my brother-in-law's (Landon) house to a houseful of bros with a talking deer mount on the wall, drinking keystone and watching a pirated PPV of WWE...I knew I was home.

After immediately putting a pounding on some vodka they had in the fridge (literally the ONLY thing in the fridge), we ran out for some steaks and other meats.  It was a fun night with a lot of booze and a lot of food, but eventually I had to catch my plane back home.

I ended up getting an Uber driver who kept calling me by a different name (I kept falling asleep on the ride and for some reason he didn't seem to like that I was resting).  I made it to the airport in one piece, but I reeked so bad of (clearly only legal) intoxicants that I thought for sure they wouldn't let me through security....but they did.


I ended up more-or-less going into a full-on coma for about 24 hours.  I don't remember the flight home at all (I have a scab on my forehead from sleeping with my head on the seat in front of me as the only reminder), and barely remember driving home from the airport (I was sober by now...but still exhausted) before instantly falling asleep....and sleeping straight through Monday and Monday night until getting up for work on Tuesday.