Last month I wrote about how I was dramatically raising my gym dues to $65 and how I was nervous about the wave of repercussions that are going to hit me.  On the first of march we had the first billing cycle with the higher price and even though we had a lot of people jump ship our number were still up. Which a good thing, but now that people are really seeing the price increase with their own eyes this month I'm expecting a few more cancellations before we can chip away and build our roster back up.

After I wrote the first post regarding my financial woes there were some people that responded saying that maybe I'm a dick and that nobody likes me and things like that. That couldn't be farther from the truth, I'm very nice to everyone that walks in and out of the gym. Even the jackasses that stress me out and do stupid stuff that piss me off. Even the jerkoff that was telling me one bullshit story after another yesterday about how him and his boy breed pit bulls and sell them for $50,000 a piece but didn't have enough money to buy a month membership and didn't own a debit or credit card.

Other than that gym financial drama I really haven't had much to write about. The whole strength world is so bombarded with shitty training articles written by people grasping at straws to think of something to write to become internet famous. Either that or it's some newbie thinking the internet needs yet another video of them trying to figure out how to squat or clean and that anyone out there gives a crap about "their journey".  You can call me old and grumpy, you can call me negative and miserable but what I really am is BORED by all this garbage. It's hard for me to actually write an article and make any more videos to just throw them on the heap with all that other bullshit that no one is watching. So coming up with actual interesting topics regarding lifting, etc has been really tough for me