My Top 3 Foods to Get Your Bloat on This Thanksgiving

Tis the season for winter weather, holidays, family – and, thanks to all three, a f*!$-ton of FOOD. Since I’m bulking, and Justin has set up my diet so that I’m constantly hungry and thinking about food, it only made sense to start planning my Thanksgiving feast a bit early this year. And, since I’m planning anyway, it only made sense to share my top 3 holiday bloat foods to help you hit a huge PR this Turkey Day.

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Without further ado:

The Best Foods to Get Your Bloat On This Holiday Season

  1. Sweet potato. Candied, baked, made into a casserole with marshmallows on top – I don’t give a damn, just eat ‘em. Sweet potatoes are packed with starchy carbs to top up your glycogen stores, and they have plenty of potassium to keep you hydrated (assuming you’re drinking plenty of water, too – see below). I can’t really speak to this, but I’ve heard in bodybuilding circles that they potassium in potatoes will help getting a killer pump, too.
  2. Brined turkey. Potassium alone isn’t enough. You need plenty of sodium for a maximum bloat, and there’s no tastier way to get that than a big-ass slice or five of brined turkey. Brining is actually one of the simplest methods of cooking a tasty bird, anyway. And of course, you’re also getting a ton of protein and the amino acid tryptophan to help you take that power nap after you finish stuffing your face.
  3. F*%!ing dessert. We’ve probably covered all our bases with the two above choices, but why leave it to chance? Go over the top with some sugary pumpkin pie with ice cream to make sure you’ve got enough food to fuel a killer gym session and a good sugar rush to add to that tryptophan to make sure you sleep like a baby ahead of time.

Other Tips

First, don’t only fuel up on food – make sure you’re getting plenty of fluids in, as well (water, not alcohol, obviously). The water will help you digest a big meal with less gastric distress, and keep you feeling pretty good rather than sluggish. On that note, though, I really don’t recommend training right after any big meal. I’d rather you wait til the next day and let your body soak up all those nutrients, rather than trying to squat and ending up puking up all that protein.

So what are you waiting for? Get to gobbling!


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