My Warm up

I haven't used an alarm clock in almost 20 years.  When I lay down to fall asleep I say to myself..."wake up at..." and one minute before that time, my eyes pop open.

Saturday's I sleep in.  I start stomp'n around 3:30 AM instead of that Gosh forsaken hour of 3:00 AM.  My eyes open, and it's time to go!  I can't roll around and try to fall back to sleep.

So...since I got up, I hammered out my daily conditioning which was still the AirDyne since the quality of air still sucks.

26 minutes later...I figured why not head into the gym for my warm up/pre hab/rehab exercises since when I finish them I feel a LOT better with my aches, pains, dents, and broken parts.

And since it is now 4:15 ish...why not wake the family and see if they want to go too?  Well...since they are up to answer my question, "do you want to go?" they, like me, figure...why not?

Off we go to accomplish the following:

Reverse Hyper: 3x10

GHR: 3x10

Side Bend Abs over the 45 degree back ext: 3x10

Suspended Knees to Elbows: 3x10

Standing Cable Fly: 3x10

DB Lateral Raise: 3x10

DB Rear Delt/Scap retraction: 3x10

Indian Club Circles: 3x10

Lat Pulldowns: 3x10

C/S Row: 3x10

4 way Neck: 1x10 in each position


After all said and done, my son turns to me and says..."Dad, Your warm up is harder than most people's entire training program."

He cracks me up!

The weight used is ultra light and focus is on technique and range of motion.  If the exercise HURTS...then it's going beyond the ROM of my arthritic joints or beyond the limits of my pinched nerves.

All I want to accomplish on a DAILY basis with these exercises it to move about freely and pain free for a few hours after doing them.  Which means...Get up and away from this computer and sitting here locking back up!!!

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