Please excuse typo's, spelling errors and other mistakes. My grammar was bad to begin with and now that I can post these from my phone...well... it's not going to improve

My washed up meathead training from this week.
So far...

Monday - Day Off

Tuesday - Very light leg work.  I plan on making Sat a brutal combo of legs and back so I just wanted to do some blood work for my legs and get out.

Wednesday -  Very light back work. Two vertical pulling movements, one close and one wide. Once again just blood work to help prep for Saturday.

Thursday - Chest, Shoulders, Triceps and CPP (cleaning physical preparedness). If you have followed my log you will know I work out of three offices; in the actual office, my house and the weight room. Over the past few months most of the work was not from the weight room due to needing dual monitors and other various reasons. With the majority of phase one -  front end web-site  -  work  done I'm able to get back to other work I've had to put on the back burner. This work I do best in the weight room surrounded by racks and weights. It's my "real" home office. Before training today I cleaned it up so I can work without my OCD driving me nuts. After a few hours of this I did...

Cambered Bar Bench Press (with pad)
* 6 warm up sets of 10
* 4 work sets of 6-8 with a plate and 2 quarters per side.


- This is a great movement for pec activation because it forces you to stay tighter. To increase this tension more I keep my feet off the floor and on the bench. These two force me to use a slower and tighter tempo. If I was to use this to build a stronger bench I would NOT do it this way but in a way to create stronger top end stability.

Fly Machine
* 6 sets 12-15 (to failure)

Cable Flies with Comfort Grip Handles
* 6 sets 12-15 (to failure)

Seated Machine Overhead Press
* 6 warm up sets of 20
* 4 work sets of 10-12 (to failure and with slow tempo)

Fat Rope Press Downs
* 16 sets of 10 with 30 seconds rest

As you can see I wasn't one for "variety" today.