Over the course of my diet over the diet I started in December my strength has remained pretty solid. However with the timeline approaching for the final cut I've gotten more aggressive as I'm working towards wrapping it up.

So over the last two weeks I've done a lot of volume work and have not been really logging my training.

Here is a reminder of were i was 2.5 months ago.

 photo DSC_0015_zps9b0df871.jpg

Here is where i'm sitting at right now. The last day of the diet will be February 23rd.

 photo 7EC54131-2A87-4CD6-B462-14AC4224003D_zpsp2pi8bad.jpg

From a training perspective I shot some nice video of the ShouldeRok swinging this week. Orders will be shipping on monday the February 16th.


And while not training heavy I did decide to check out and see if I could get an actual 'hook grip' instead of a double overhand with my hands being thinner.

I was quite pleased. Now if i could just figure out how to keep my hands smaller when i fill back out!!