I started a new job this Monday (same company, new position) and it's been a crazy week.  It's always uncomfortable starting a new position...you don't quite know what you're doing...and you're new so you sort of feel uncomfortable--like you can't really relax during the day.
It's been a very busy week though.  I have been really struggling to stay on top of my Troponin emails and I haven't been good about updating my log here.

I'm still an engineer, but I moved from testing to reliability.  It's a very good position and should be great experience for me if I plan to continue with the company in the future.  I originally applied for a position as a controls engineer, but during the interview the team mentioned this reliability position that had been looking for the right person for--so they had me interview for this position as well.  I ended up getting the job (the better position--or at least I was led to believe that lol).
It's a totally different area of engineering.  I'm expecting it to be much more "desk" oriented (DFSS stuff with statistical analysis) as opposed to testing where I spent a lot more time in the test lab actually working on the products.
But....so far I'm still dealing with all the glitches that come with hiring (I was on contract before so they had to create a new employee id and transfer all my data and permissions over to that new number when I became salary...and it has been as glitchy as you'd expect).

I figured I'd give a little update as to why my log has been lacking lately before I get back to posting about my training and whatnot.