Nine Things You MUST Have to Train

Ingredients for a Killer Gym Session

  1. A t-shirt with a clever gym-related slogan and matching knee sleeves. Bonus points added to your gym total if the socks and singlet are a complementary color!
  2. A curated playlist. And to listen to said playlist, Bluetooth earbuds (Apple only, unless they have The Rock logo on them).
  3. A selfie stick.
  4. A gym partner to follow you around filming your workout because you’re too lazy to use the selfie stick.
  5. At least four different supplements, including but not limited to preworkout, intraworkout, creatine, and second preworkout.
  6. At least four different pairs of shoes, including but not limited to squat shoes, deadlift shoes, deadlift slippers, and Metcons.
  7. Kilo plates.
  8. A calculator to figure out how much your kilo plates weigh in pounds.
  9. A third preworkout.

I’ve missed doing these, but if you didn’t read the earlier ones – and didn’t catch on by reading the above – these lists are obviously tongue-in-cheek. You don’t need any of this shit to have a good training session, and if you rely on them (either for motivation or for a sense of identify), you’re probably setting yourself up for long-term problems.

Here’s what you actually need to have a good training session:

  1. A plan. You can’t half-ass a training plan and expect to get more than half-assed results. Need a training plan? Elitefts and I have you covered.
  2. Focus.
  3. A strong support system. No, that doesn’t mean the guy following you around with a selfie stick. It’s the guys who are spotting, analyzing, and pushing each other to perform better – not just look better.

Are you ready to train?


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