I'm a pleaser.  My wife is definitely a pleaser.  EVERYONE needs to be welcomed and made to feel a part of our family.  It's the who we are and what we do.

However, there are SOME people for what ever reason will not adhere to your graciousness.

When I was younger, I took that as an insult.  Now, it's just the way it is.  I understand that no matter what, there will be a few souls that don't belly up to the bar with me and that's NOT MY ISSUE!

I still stay cordial, but I don't waste a lot of time trying to convince folks that I'm their friend and they are missing out unless they let me.

Move on!


Today's Training:


Pop Your Heart Wed.

I was initially going to phase in a Combat Chassis circuit that was ridiculously hard that would have killed two birds with one stone.  This is what Vinny D and I started to implement.

However, I was sicker than dog eating hot peppers and grapes. (both of which make dogs sick)

103 degree temperature kept me at a minimum even into today.

Here is the adjusted program:

Row 5 minutes hard, Airdyne 5 minutes hard, skip rope 5 minutes hard...x 2 of those circuits.


Ab Wheel x 10

Suspended Knees to Elbow x 10

Supinated on the floor Windshield Wipers x 10 to each side

Crunch x 10

Done in rapid succession x 5


Yep...bout killed me!