I am quickly approaching the 6th decade of my life.  I often say, that you are old 15 years beyond where you are right now.  For me, 75 is old.  (Until I'm 75)

But a clear cut daily measurement is putting my underwear on

I put them on STANDING UP!

I figure on the days I'm tempted to put them on sitting down then my hips are too tight and I am "waddling" around my house instead of "stalking".  I put them on standing up so I have to make sure my hips flex high enough to put the second leg (harder of the two) in.

When I walk, I like to think of myself as more of a PREDATOR than a  GERIATRIC.

Test my theory for yourself.

Do you need to sit down?  Work on it!


Today's Training:

Dynamic Bench: 8x3@60%, 1x2@70%, 1x1@80%

Chain Bench: 3 to 4 chain clusters on each side.

2x As Many Reps as you Can  leaving one in the tank to get the bar back in the "J" hook

Push Ups:


Women=60  Also done in as few sets as possible


Over Head Press:

5x1@ 10 pounds more than last week


Rear Delt Destroyer:

1x60-40-20 @35-26-18


Shrug: 4x12@405