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Monster Garage Gym/Maroscher Coaching Log: (Log number LIII). “NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG, MOVE ALONG…”
The purpose of this log is to show you training footage of a squat session during week number 1 of a new competition training cycle. This log features 2014 WPC World Powerlifting Champion, John Ponzetti. John is 51 years old and is in the 198LB division.

There is always a fever pitch of training the last few weeks of training prior to a big meet. This log features the foundational work that the final weeks of prep and ultimately meet day are built upon. At the MONSTER GARAGE GYM the master lifters joke that when they are at the early weeks of the training cycle, that other lifters need to just “move along, there is nothing to see here.” In reality, the more experience lifters know the real secret behind this joke and that on the contrary to nothing to see, there is in fact everything to see, as the initial weeks of the cycle are absolutely critical with regard to the bigger training cycle picture. These initial weeks are nothing to be ‘phoned in’ but rather honed in.

As John is a Master aged lifter the ramp up to his big numbers is not steep like a younger lifter, but in its own way it is just as if not more grueling. As John cannot afford injury (Master lifters heal far more slowly than their young counter parts) John starts off his new cycle re-building the foundation of strength that helped him to win his first ever world powerlifting title last year.

John’s training is comprised of 4-week-mini-cycles that end up comprising one very large competition training cycle. John utilizes a four days per week regiment comprised of two heavier days and two volume days with a lot of attention to ancillary muscle groups and body parts on the volume days. Cliché as it might sound, a chain is truly only as strong as its weakest link and John invests the time on the smaller muscle groups as well. Lastly, his nutrition plan is basically the primary plan for a good number of the master lifters at the MONSTER GARAGE GYM. John’s nutrition is comprised of real food, with well thought out supplementation. Because of the quality of the nutrients John consumes, he can eat fewer calories yet get a huge bang for his buck out of that food as the body truly responds well to food that is organic, non-processed, and all the things you hear about that we as powerlifters should eat, but all to often we neglect.

In addition to the coaching log video, we have included video of John’s World meet prep so you can see how his training will look at the end of these several mini-cycles. It also includes footage from the 2014 WPC Worlds as well.

Both the meet footage and this coaching log are shot in HD.

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