I wrote this rant for my monthly TPS newsletter this month and thought I would share it here.

I wrote a long time ago about how we used to be a united America. About how important it was that even though we all have our own opinions and ideals which we are entitled to have, that should not preclude us from getting along.

It’s ok to have differing viewpoints on politics, social issues and whatever else you can think of. We can still disagree on things and get along, or at least be civil. I am saddened by the things I see happening in our country and how divided we have become.

This is not a rant to get you worked up and angry and reply back to me screaming in all caps because you may disagree with what you think my opinions are. Rather, it is written to make you think for a moment and choose to be a more tolerant individual.

Every year at Christmas time I write about how it is my favorite time of year, not for the presents and parties. But because people tend to be nicer to each other in the spirit of the season, and how I wish that it held through for the whole year.

I stand by that now.

Every day we see people arguing, fighting and generally being angry in the news, on social media and sadly, in life. Let’s take a step back and look through a different lens.

Regardless of our politics or social beliefs, we are all still people, all still Americans. We can find something to agree on. We can all attempt to discuss our differences intelligently if we choose, instead of being unpleasant to each other. We can all see that we are just people. We can be civil even though we disagree on some issues.

It’s just not that hard.

If you find yourself angry about this issue or that issue and the people who hold differing views than you, take a step back and look in the mirror. What about people who don’t agree with your views? Are they yelling and screaming at you? If they are, shame on them.

I’ve been around for a few decades and I pay attention to people and behavior. In the short time I have been on this Earth, I have never seen so many people be so disagreeable to each other and in some cases violent towards each other than now.

It saddens me.

Let’s all try and think that even though we are all different and may think differently, we are all still just people and we need each other.

You can still be friends with someone of a different political party, skin color, social status, religion or whatever else divides us. You can still be nice, or if not nice, polite to people.

Try it out. It’s not that hard and it is a lot easier than being hateful and angry all day.

A nation divided cannot stand.

Someone smart said that. I know who, do you?

Let’s all try to bring some civility and respect back to day to day life across America. We’ll all be better for it.


I really believe this.

Our motto here is Live, Learn, Pass On and I also really believe that.

I’ll be back soon with a Coaching Log on actual coaching. In the meantime, spread good not hate.

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C.J. Murphy

July 1, 2021