In today’s Coaching Log I give you Old Man Conjugate: Everything Opposite and I’ll tell you why I am choosing to not be an asshole. And It’s going to be a quick log, so read it all! There might be something in here for you to take away for your own rehab someday.

For those who don’t read my logs on the regular, I just had total hip replacement surgery after battling it and trying to rehab it for years. The surgery was 4 weeks ago and my physical therapists at Refined Wellness tell me that I am doing amazing.

I also saw the surgeon, Dr. Fehm, for a 4 week follow up today and he pretty much said I was all aces. Ahead of schedule for recovery and for the healing of the bone around the implant. The surgeon was very upbeat and seemed excited for my progress. He also cleared me to begin doing things as I see fit.

As we discussed this I told him that I am handling this surgical rehab totally different from all of my others.

This one is Old Man Conjugate: Everything Opposite.

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You see, in the past I have always rushed coming back from surgery.

And it cost me. I’d prolong the recovery or injure it again. This happened 90% of the time because I used too much weight before my body was ready. And, I’d eat like shit and have a few drinks too.

Not this time.

I am like George Costanza when he was The Opposite. I am having the complete opposite of Tuna on Toast in this rehab.  

I am going to do everything that my PT’s and my surgeon tell me to and NOT rush the rehab. I figure, I prolonged my other ones by being an asshole, why not do the opposite and see how that goes?

Well, I am only 4 weeks in and I am ahead of schedule. Seems to be working.  

Old Man Conjugate: Everything Opposite Rehab Work

I started off my rehab doing what the surgeon sent home and nothing else. This was rudimentary body weight exercises like calf raises, heel slides (sort of a leg curl laying on your back), bridges and more. Nothing taxing or complex, but I tell you, they were kind of hard the first few days.

I added in riding the stationary bike on week 2.

When I saw my regular therapists on week 2, they added in some additional work, but nothing crazy.

Week 3 came around and I still was doing what I was told and not being as asshole. And I felt great. Typically when I felt great I’d go off protocol and do something stupid, like start squatting with way too much weight.

Not this time.

I figure that my old ways were because when you are young, you think that you are bulletproof. You’re indestructible and no one can stop you. At least I did. Well, I’ve learned from my mistakes and realized that none of that is true.

I now realize that in order for me to thrive and be as strong, mobile and resilient as I can be heading into my 60’s and later, I need to be smart. I need to not be an asshole.

  • So, I have a few guidelines from my surgeon as to what I can and cannot do.
  • Pay attention to my body as I do something and the day after. If it hurts, STOP. If it hurts the day after, don’t do it again soon. Modify it so it doesn’t hurt.
  • I have no restrictions, but don’t be an asshole. Ease back into things over the next 6-10 months.

That’s pretty much it. So with that in mind, not being an asshole has worked so far and I am pretty sure it will work going forward.

I’ve got the rest of my life to do dumb shit if I choose, as long as this rehab goes the way it is supposed to.  

  • Why rush to do things it isn’t ready for?
  • Why take one step forward and two steps back (a pattern I have)?
  • Enjoy the ride and don’t train for the destination.*

*This is the big one. Almost all of my strength training, for the most part has been for the destination.  A meet, a strongman show, a specific PR.

It’s almost never been about the journey, the enjoyment of it. For the next few months, my training is going to be like taking my Caddy out for a cruise.

80/20 rule, The 80/20 Rule for the Holiday Season

It’s all about the ride.  Enjoy it.

With a new outlook like that I am sure that this process will be far more productive and quicker than the others.  

Enjoy this video of me learning to squat all over again from yesterday’s rehab.


Get your schedule cleared.

I’ll be flying to Ohio next month to be on Table Talk with Dave.

We had to postpone my appearance due to the surgery.

It’s gonna be a good one.

If you have questions you want answered on the podcast, leaved a comment.

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C.J. Murphy

February 23, 2023

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