The kettlebell windmill is an exercise that often gets associated with rehab and physical therapy, often leaving it out of the repertoire of the elite and hardcore alike. This wrongful association leaves the lifters who need it most, missing out on the benefit of one of the most economical exercises for the upper back and scapula.

The serratus anterior is a muscle that often gets left out in the cold in barbell sports, inhibited constantly by the over cueing and activation of the rhomboids as we “squeeze our shoulder blades together”. There is rarely a time in our training where we actually us the serratus to integrate full function at the shoulder.

Do you think Tyson throws his cross with his “shoulder blades down and back” , do you think Justin Verlander throws 100 mph fastballs with his “shoulder blades down and back”?

Of course not, full shoulder function includes the integration of the serratus anterior and the upward rotation moment of the scapula.

Look, I’m not saying “don’t bench” , I’m saying, minimize and mitigate the risk of injury in the bench by spending some time performing an exercise that integrates full shoulder function.

Enter the Kettlebell windmill. This video shows you the proper execution of this misunderstood and underutilized movement.